Pendix eDrive IN - The modular hub drive system

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The new Pendix eDrive IN product line comprises a 70 Nm hub drive, which can be combined with various vehicle types, drivetrains and rim variants. This makes it ideally suited for manufacturers of bicycles, single- and multi-track cargo bikes, and also novel e-cargo concepts for the last mile.

Advantages for manufacturers

Overall smart system

With the PRO app, updates and fault diagnosis can be performed, as well as data can be viewed.

Simple assembly

Decoupling the motor from the spoke mount simplifies assembly and disassembly.

High flexibility with rim type

The motor can be combined with classic spoke wheels and solid wheels.

High integrity with many frame models

No frame modification is required for motor integration. The motor is integrable in all frames with 135mm rear installation dimension. The hub drive can be accommodated on both sides and on one side.

Independence from vehicle type

Modular design of the drive components allows the installation of up to two engines on multi-track vehicles.

Advantages for drivers

Powerful assistance

Up to 70 Nm of torque is transmitted directly and without frictional losses to the rear wheel.

Noiseless and maintenance-free

Focused on the essentials, the rear-mounted motor works without a gearbox and complex mechanical components and can therefore impress with its silent and maintenance-free operation.


A part of the braking energy is used to charge the battery.

Starting and maneuvering assist

Motor assistance from a standstill - a starting and maneuvering assistance is indispensable, especially for heavier loads or on hills, and is extended with this drive system by a reverse function, so that maneuvering with multi-track cargo bikes in the smallest of spaces becomes significantly more comfortable.

Overall smart system

Via the PRO app, fine adjustments can be made to the assistance strength and speed, as these settings can also be saved in riding profiles.


Innovative or classic?

You can choose between two product variants, which differ on the basis of the drive types. Power transmission from the driver to the wheel is becoming increasingly complex in modern cargo bikes and other new types of micromobility vehicles. That's why the Pendix eDrive IN is offered not only as a variant for mechanical drivetrains such as the chain or belt drive, but also as an innovative serial hybrid variant Pendix eDrive INs.

Serial hybrid variant

At the pedal crank, a generator takes the energy generated by the rider and transmits it via electric lines to one or more rear motors. The proven Pendix mid-mounted motor, which has been further developed for this purpose, is used as the generator. The rear motors are also based on the Pendix brushless direct motor technology, which has existed on the market since 2015 and has been continuously developed further. This has made it possible to create a reliable, powerful and coherent overall package that minimizes wear and tear and the amount of maintenance required on the vehicle. A harmonious driving experience is provided thanks to our smart software.

Areas of use:

  • modern e-cargo bikes for use in the last mile
  • industrial cargo bikes with up to 300 kg permissible total weight

Advantages over mechanical drive variant

  • low wear rate in the entire drive train
  • significant reduction of running costs during operation
  • significant minimization of maintenance requirements and thus of downtimes
  • no mechanical differential required for multi-track vehicles
  • maximum flexibility in the design of the vehicle's installation space

Mechanical drive variant (with chain or belt)

The pedaling power generated by the rider is transferred to the rear axle via the chain or belt drive. The Pendix eDrive IN adds energy directly and without loss according to the selected assistance level. Thanks to the smart software, the rider is supported powerfully and at the same time particularly harmoniously, so that riding fun is guaranteed.

Areas of application:

  • single-track cargo bikes and bicycles
  • classic multi-track cargo bikes

Advantages compared to serial hybrid variant:

  • lower initial acquisition costs

More information about the Pendix eDrive IN and INs can be read in our folder:

To the Pendix eDrive IN/INs folder


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